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Enhancing operational efficiencies for Brymor

About Brymor

Brymor is one of only a few privately-owned construction companies operating in the South. It delivers a high number of projects each year, employs over 140 employees and has a turnover of around £100m annually.

The issues

Brymor’s supply chain consisted of 1,500 suppliers made up of sub-contractors, consultants and general suppliers. The management team recognised that a growing portfolio of projects, alongside a larger team, was creating pressure on existing systems.

The management of the supply chain was also under strain and the team wanted a solution which would improve the whole process, including tendering a project, handing over to delivery teams, engaging and managing subcontractors and gathering performance data.

Brymor’s team was impressed with the size of our growing sub-contractor database and by the fact LSC could meet all the company’s needs as part of one solution. The way the platform allows Brymor’s supply chain to collaborate and communicate with its teams - for free – was another huge selling point.

What Brymor said

“LSC is a true cloud platform that combines the very latest technology with ‘best practice’ supply chain techniques and is dedicated to the construction industry. It has many unique features that we can use to join up our knowledge across our business and what’s more it’s fast, responsive and very easy to use”.
Mark Brooks, Supply Chain Manager at Brymor

How Brymor has benefitted from Local Supply Chain

LSC has enabled Brymor to increase overall governance across the business, from standardising internal processes to managing PQQs, evaluating responses and ensuring compliance with insurances and Health and Safety. The business now has everything in one place and can spot issues quickly.

The decision-making process has also been improved. The supply chain represents one of Brymor’s biggest assets and having access to everything on one platform helps teams to make better, more informed, decisions which are driving improvements for them and their clients.

Supplier engagement and retention is another area which has been enhanced. Brymor’s team is now able to identify good performing suppliers, including those on sites and those who help us at earlier stages of projects. These suppliers can then be promoted internally so they can gain more work opportunities.

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