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Thanks to the team!

Yes, it is my turn again to write some news for Local Supply Chain.

No, it is not going to be the same old boring gumf! However, as I re-read through this it started to sound more and more like an old school report!

There is nothing better than offering a touch of recognition, even better, encouraging self-actualisation amongst the team!

This week, I am giving a shout out to us as people, individuals within our business. Not what we do, the software we deliver, the impact it has on people and industries, but here is an insight to the Local Supply Chain team.

Although LSC is now 5 years old, we are still relatively young. We had spent 4 years creating a solid foundation to catapult LSC into infinity and beyond. This solid foundation was formed through bringing three key components together.

  1. A reliable, intuitive, fast, and reliable software platform.
  2. A range of clients across the industry which give us instant credibility.
  3. Industry knowledge and vast experience of our CEO, Richard Ratcliffe.

It is the LSC team which is the glue that has ensured these 3 components are securely stuck together in order to form the solid structure we have.

Marcus, our development Director has managed to deliver software solutions for new clients, existing clients and enhance our admin screens which allow us to support the business. Whilst at the same time, being available at any time to jump on a call and get stuck in with anything! Thanks for being my sounding board Marcus!

Claire has put up with shed loads of adhoc requests. Anything from managing e-mail campaigns, running imports, fixing bugs and general “help what do I do, I’m going to die” kinda stuff. All whilst supporting Marcus develop our software. Somehow, Claire has managed not to murder anyone. Thanks for your patience Claire!

There are not many organisations where staff have instant and open access to this level and type of resource, typically having to go through some sort of internal helpdesk.

We then have Trisha. Heading up and leading the support desk. Supporting a range of main contractors and clients, as well as over 25,000 subcontractor organisations. Trisha also ensures high levels of data integrity, manages all testing procedures, chases down tender responses for our clients and is always on hand to lend a hand. Thanks for putting up with me Trisha!

Florence, our Business Development Director could not have picked a worse time to start - just 3 months before lockdown. Shut off from conferences, events and the usual networking opportunities. However, lockdown brought many benefits, one of which was to fast track the learning and understanding of the LSC software, along with clients needs and requirements. Florence has since captured the hearts of two new clients and is expanding her learning even further. Thanks for persisting Flo!

Jade, or Friday Jade as she is now known, was so busy during lockdown that the thought of working five days a week became a reality. Working with some of our largest clients, delivering some innovative cost saving and collaborative schemes into the industry. In recent times, innovative cost saving opportunities have been at the forefront of many organisations, so well done for bringing these into LSC. Thanks for enlightening the Monday morning meetings Jade!

Our latest recruit, Sophie, has gelled well with the team and is continuing her learning on LSC. At the same time as being pulled from pillar to post to help out here and listen in to this. I’m sure you’ll soon relish in the wonderful world of projects and procurements. Thanks for being so understanding and accepting a job where you were not even provided a job description. I’ll get one out to you shortly!

Richard is the brainchild of LSC. It is his years of experience that had ignited the creation of LSC. It is also Richard who has developed us all to become the menaces we are today. Ensuring he gets the best (every penny some say) out of our innocent souls. Thanks Richard, for creating and entrusting me in opportunities I have today. Also, don’t forget you owe me a tenner.

We may not have catapulted our software into the industry as we had previously foreseen, but we have stuck together, got through a pandemic, landed new clients, serviced existing clients, and developed new technologies. We have helped secure each other’s careers, battened down the hatches when the storm came and we opened them back up with the same positive, can do attitude that makes us what we are today.

We have managed to do this through some very difficult times, and for that team LSC, I would like to personally thank you for all your hard work, efforts, and patience.

You should all be loud and proud of your efforts and success.



PS. Pay rise requests should be sent to :)

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