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Kier join LSC to find apprentices and tradespeople 

In an exciting development, Kier have partnered with Local Supply Chain (LSC) to create a platform aimed at helping a range of individuals join or find work within the construction industry.

The platform aims to help apprentices, tradespeople, workers released on temporary license, ex-offenders and ex-forces personnel. Individuals are able to create a free profile within LSC and input their skills, contact details, qualifications, desired location for work and whether they wish for their information to be shared with local subcontractors that might be seeking apprentices or workers.

When subcontractors win work projects, the list of local apprentices and workers is automatically shared so they can find and support a local labour force.

LSC connects all tiers of the supply chain to help ensure that local people are gaining work on commercial construction projects within their area.

It is vitally important that, as an industry, we work together to support apprentices and workers into the construction sector to help plug the skill shortage gap.

“Over a quarter of a million extra construction workers may be needed by 2026, according to the latest Construction Skills Network (CSN) report” CITB

By joining LSC and being a part of the apprenticeship module, main contractors can work together for the good of the industry to help source apprentices and workers and link them through to work-winning subcontractors that can directly recruit them.

Kier is one of the first employers in England to offer apprenticeship opportunities to prisoners, following a crucial law change, which means prisoners can now earn while they learn.

“At Kier, we’re committed to having a more diverse workforce, with colleagues who have skills from a range of backgrounds; reflecting the wider community. This pioneering scheme allows us to diversify our workforce further, whilst benefitting prisoners who are nearing the end of their sentence, as well as reducing the likelihood of reoffending, benefitting communities across the country.” Helen Redfern, chief people officer at Kier

The LSC scheme is open to all contractors within the construction sector and we encourage everyone to join and support us to further help those seeking work and plug the skills gap. It is important that we are more than just an industry, we are a community working together for the benefit of everyone.

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