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Monitor your framework and project KPIs in a simple and effective way

Monitoring performance on construction projects should be simple and effective. We all know the importance of capturing and reporting on this data, but why is it so hard to do?

When managing large construction projects there is a need to capture and report on performance data in real time. All too often though, data is recorded on spreadsheets, which can be very time-consuming when having to collate information from various parts of a business. Creating reports on spreadsheets can also result in a complex, and often misunderstood, collection of data with no way to report or act on it.

So how can we report on real-time data across multiple frameworks and construction projects in a simple and effective way?

Introducing Performance 365

Performance 365 is a cloud-based performance management tool created by Local Supply Chain to capture, process and report on various project metrics, such as KPIs, social value data and framework commitments required by your clients, frameworks and for your own business intelligence.

Our simple and effective solution can be used to monitor continuous performance across construction projects - delivering valuable insight and intelligence on all your performance measures. Performance 365 can also help you to drive business improvement whilst providing strong evidence towards future project and framework bids.

The configurable form-based solution will quickly become a central resource for your business, highlighting success and potential risk with real-time data. It will improve team collaboration by creating one secure place to store all project information, which will ultimately save time, reduce costs, and enhance your overall project performance.

Plus, Performance 365’s integrated reporting toolkit allows you to report across all your construction projects or drill down to frameworks and individual project performance.

What do our customers say?

“Morgan Sindall decided to adopt Performance 365 to manage all performance data after being appointed to the Scape Regional Construction Framework in 2018. The software has proved an invaluable tool in monitoring, recording, and evidencing compliance with 22 different performance indicators relating to time, quality, budget, local labour and fair payment, to name a few.”

Rob Cant – Framework Director

“We have found that Performance 365 provides the following benefits:
· Upload documents - enables us to have an audit trail for framework documents
· Demonstrate KPI pass/fail to facilitate measures for continual improvement
· Traffic light system makes it easy to communicate with our delivery teams
This has been a really helpful piece of software that has made our Scape KPI submission simpler.”

Kate Mackenzie – Framework Co-ordinator Lindum Group

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