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Let’s keep growing!

If you really want to make a difference in UK Construction, publish projects through Local Supply Chain to help us and your economies grow!

2021, so far, has been a busy year for Local Supply Chain. As always, we invest a lot of our time and resource into servicing our existing clients. This can include training users on new functionality, training new users, generally touching base, obtaining feedback on the system, understanding their needs and requirements and ensuring we are continuously aligning our software to the construction industry. One thing we have all missed though, is going out and seeing our clients in person, something we are really excited to be back to doing in the very near future. Our existing clients help us shape our organisation and our approach to ensure we really do lead the thinking when it comes to supply chain and procurement technology.

This is evidenced by the growth of LSC of the past 5 years. Whether that be the growth in the software and functionality itself, the clients we have, the number of users and the projects and procurements run and managed on the software. Since launch in 2015, we have seen over 2,000 projects listed on LSC and over 17,000 work packages advertised.

It is important to us that we continue to push on with this growth, and we continue to satisfy all our clients, continuing with our 100% retention year on year.

So, for these reasons, we welcome two new members in the team, Sophie and Terry. Sophie has joined us to beef up our helpdesk, to ensure all our users receive first-hand support as and when required, without delay. Terry has joined us to help us advance our development program in order to bring our latest thinking forward and into our live environments faster.

We’ve also welcomed two new major clients to Local Supply Chain in the first half of this year. Both will bring with them a mass of expertise and huge levels of opportunity being pushed through the platform itself. As we have discussed before, the more the platform is used, the more powerful and valuable it becomes for everyone. We’ll have more news on these in the coming weeks.

So what’s left for the remainder of the year?

First things first, congratulations to our Business Development Director, Florence Lack who is about to have a baby anytime now! Florence is going from clients to cribs in a matter of days, and we wish you all the best :)

We are extensively developing areas of our software to add even more value to our public sector clients. In doing so, this will drive more projects through LSC, and in turn, more opportunity for the entire supply chain. Our developers have been working day and night, fuelled on caffeine in order to push these latest developments through ahead of schedule.

We’ll be integrating the software into our two new clients, and their partners also, which will require a lot of hard work, but reap massive rewards for all users of LSC. Whilst at the same time, we are holding many positive conversations with potential clients who are looking to use LSC to manage their entire organisations projects and procurements. The more clients we can bring on board, the more value we create in Local Supply Chain, and creating value drives a mass of benefits.

To sum it up, the software continues to grow, the team are growing (particularly Florence!), usage is growing and our client base is growing.

As long as we continue to engage in open, fair and transparent ways, we can continue to grow our businesses, ourselves and our opportunities.

From everyone at the LSC Team, thank you for your support in helping us grow our portal, creating and sharing value across the Built Environment.

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