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How does your business evidence social value?

Social value is the value that people place on the changes they experience in their lives. Increasingly, social value is being used as an umbrella term by organisations considering their activities holistically, taking account of the wider economic, social and environmental effects of their actions- Social Enterprise UK

The Public Services (Social Value) Act came into force on 31 January 2013 but, as of January 2021 it’s now a mandated requirement in public sector projects. It requires people who commission public services to think about how they can also secure wider social, economic and environmental benefits.

Before they start the procurement process, commissioners should think about whether the services they are going to buy, or the way they are going to buy them, could secure these benefits for their area or stakeholders.

The Act is a tool to help commissioners get more value for money out of procurement. It also encourages commissioners to talk to their local provider market or community to design better services, often finding new and innovative solutions to difficult problems.

Social procurement is leveraging a social value from your existing procurement. Social procurement adds a social value consideration to your current evaluation of price, quality, and environment of the goods and services you purchase. - Supply Change

Local Supply Chain have partnered with Supply Change to help provide a verified network of ready to work social enterprises.

About Supply Change

Supply Change connects organisations looking for goods and services with social enterprise suppliers who can deliver quality and a positive impact. We do this through our platform of pre-vetted social enterprises and social procurement services, including spend analysis, impact assessment and events. Supply Change is a female founded social enterprise shortlisted by Natwest 2 years in a row as a top 100 social enterprise in the UK.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Local Supply Chain/Work Radar. Like us, they have shown commitment to support buyers to spend more with social enterprise suppliers. Through our partnership, we will be able to grow the social enterprise sector even more, and create impact through buyers and their everyday procurement spend.”

Work Radar has been created to boost local economies and create social value by helping social enterprises, microbusinesses and tradespeople find work on large commercial construction projects.

Work Radar provides a platform for clients, frameworks and main contractors to have full visibility over local engagement and receive evidence of social value in nearby areas. Made possible through LSC’s experience and expertise in the UK’s construction industry, the scheme is free-to-join for local subcontractors and tradespeople and will enhance local economies and communities through access to construction work.

Evidencing Social Value

Work Radar allows our customers to showcase the benefits their work brings to local communities. We understand how important this is through our years of working alongside public sector frameworks and clients. The platform has been designed to help clients find and work with a range of local business types, including social enterprises and microbusinesses. Work Radar allows clients to capture every step of this process and provides a body of evidence that shows how clients have given something back to the local area.

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