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Covid Recovery: What is your business doing to help the industry bounce back?

Thirty-two million people are now vaccinated. We can finally tame our lockdown manes and, most importantly of all, we can drink a pub-poured pint out in the sun again…or snow for the less fortunate! As of Monday 12th April, we have started to see some hints of normal life daring to creep, albeit gingerly, back into our worlds.

We all know that these are small wins and, undoubtedly there is more to do, until we can all go back to shopping without a mask and throwing our arms around one-another to tipsily sing along in our best voices to “Wonderwall” with our friends in the pub; but how can we fix things on a wider scale? How can we help our local communities recover from the disaster that has been Covid-19?

Granted, by adopting LSC, you aren’t going to get everyone jetting off to exotic locations anytime soon but what you can do is start to rebuild the construction industry and help our supply chains to recover… and that is just as exciting really, isn’t it?

At LSC, we have seen the impact (as we all have) of the loss of jobs, shortage of supplies and tightening of belts across the construction industry and, as a team, we have been working on a plan to help supply chains bounce back. Our core business at LSC, is the management of supply chains. We have a specific focus on finding local contractors to complete projects, within their communities, to help contractors reinvest in local areas and evidence this to their clients.

Our key aims within LSC are these:

  • Remove barriers to entry
  • Boost supplier visibility
  • Increase buyer confidence

These goals have always been at the heart of LSC but now, more than ever before, we need to align to them to help our supply chains recover. In addition to our core business, LSC has launched new schemes to link local tradespeople, small businesses and social enterprises to large construction projects in their area.

The system behind this scheme is incredibly intelligent but actually a very simple concept, connecting people and businesses with local work. LSC and Work Radar allow buyers (main contractors, clients, framework hubs) to drop a pin in the map for their project location and search for SMEs, microbusinesses, social enterprises, tradespeople etc to complete the work on site. It sounds such a simple idea but we’ve found a need for it in within the industry, as we always find that local workforces struggle to get through the barriers and red-tape so often seen on large commercial construction projects. Within LSC and Work Radar, small businesses and tradespeople can create a profile and become visible to thousands of construction-specific buyers using our platform every day.

We can help our users to create a profile and ensure that they complete all the relevant sections to give them the best opportunity to receive work. Effectively, we are allowing our users to create an online shop window to showcase their business to our buyers… free of charge!

Once we have removed the barriers to entry and boosted supplier visibility, we need to give buyers confidence that they are dealing with reliable workforces. To do this, we have a range of tools within the system- from references to performance reviews and engagement statistics.

Our LSC goal is a simple one with huge benefits to the industry: Let’s get more people back into work and show our success to our clients for the benefit of everyone.

For more information or to speak to our team for a demo please contact us.

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